P Mohamed Ali – A great visionary personality

P Mohamed Ali, the man behind success of Galfar, is man of vision and action who with his great thinking has complied his vision with his actions that he takes through his short term missions. Because of his association with Galfar long back since the company’s incorporation in 1972, Dr P Mohamed Ali is also known as Galfar Mohamed Ali. He is a non- resident Indian businessman hailing from Thalikulam in Thrissur. The wealth of Dr P Mohamed Ali is calculated at 950 million dollars and he is the twelfth richest man in the gulf region as reported by Arabian Business .com which is a great feat for the person who has has hailed from a village of India.

He has earned his own respect by serving Galfar for more than 42 years now and therefore the name of the company itself has been associated by his name and this is the reason why he is also renowned as Galfar Mohamed Ali. Galfar has grown by leaps and bounds since its incorporation in 1972. And now the company has grown so much that it has the largest employee base in Oman and it is the single largest private sector employee in Oman with more than 27000 employees and revenue of more than $1bn. Apart from his contribution in Oman, he is also the founder of OPA (Oman Petroleum Alliance) and The former vice chairman of the sultanate-backed OJC (Oman Joint Committee). Coming to his charitable works, he is well known for his stream of noble causes that mainly include educational enhancement in Oman and neighboring countries. He is associated with the PM foundation, an organization that promotes education in rural India, of which he is a founder member. Also he is the current chief sponsor of the Talikulam Vikas Trust. It is seen that he has helped the society by always staying on his toes, whether it is the concern of the employees of the organization or any concerns of the society as a whole. Social welfare has always been a part of Galfar because of Dr P Mohamed Ali and because of this he has been awarded with the Oman Civil Order for his services and, in 2004, the Outstanding Non-Resident Indian Award was bestowed upon him.

With the extraordinary efforts of Dr P Mohamed Ali, Galfar – the construction and engineering company is now the largest construction company of Oman and has led the infrastructural developments in many facets. Galfar group of industries, throughout the period since its incorporation has played and is playing a major role in the Oman’s development. By successfully completing some of the major projects in the past, Galfar has received and is currently working on many major projects. Just a name a few under his kitty are 2 airports, 3 seaports, the longest highway of Oman and the most challenging road network that no one ever dared to build. “The knowledgeable people and their capacity to handle every task passionately is the competitive advantage of the company”, claims Dr P Mohamed Ali.


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