P Mohamed Ali – A man with all the awards and support by his side

Galfar Engineering and Contracting (SAOG) is one of the largest construction companies in Oman. Galfar has received many awards like the ‘Sword of honour’ which is given for the performance of the company in safety. In 1989, the British Safety Council awarded the Sword of Honour to Galfar in recognition of the Company’s dedication and its achievements in safety. Galfar is considered as the safest construction company to work for because it cares for the people of the company. It has also received another award from for health safety and environment related services and many other awards like the ‘Bhartiya Pravasi Samman’ awarded by the Indian Government. Recently he received award for leadership and development of people proves the kind of leader he is. A leader who is so passionate about his employees.

The man behind this success of Galfar is the man of vision and action, Dr P Mohamed Ali. He is the founder of Galfar Contracting and Engineering – also known as Galfar Mohamed Ali. He is a non- resident Indian businessman hailing from Thalikulam in Thrissur. The wealth of Dr P Mohamed Ali is calculated at 950 million dollars and he is the twelfth richest man in the gulf region as reported by Arabian Business. com which is a great feat for the person who has has hailed from a village of India.

With the extraordinary efforts of Dr P Mohamed Ali, Galfar has led the infrastructural developments in many facets. Galfar group of industries, throughout the period since its incorporation has played and is playing a major role in the Oman’s development. By successfully completing some of the major projects in the past, Galfar has received and is currently working on many major projects. Mr Ali dedicates his success of the company to its people, who have worked whole heartedly for the organization by supporting innovation in work in order to get efficient results. “The knowledgeable people and their capacity to handle every task passionately is the competitive advantage of the company”, claims Dr. P Mohamed Ali.

Dr P Mohamed Ali, with strong commitment to education has changed the society with a varied schools and colleges in India and abroad. It is clearly visible that doing something for the society and for the upliftment of the society is his ulterior motive behind this. Thus his commitment towards the development of the people of the company and towards the society is clearly noticeable through his actions and quotes.  So having learnt about this great man, he is bound to have tons of support. Just as a gesture to give him support for all the good work he has done for the society, his supporters have come up with a website by his own name, thus his supporters have shown immense respect towards him by taking this one small step. Indeed he has an inspiring personality who has taken a step forward for development of his nation and the neighboring countries!


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